Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Stropping Around in Rainboots

This is what I do while I am supposed to be writing a paper for PoliSci: I rush outside and take some pictures in the rain. And please note that the last picture is bad quality because my roommate refused to leave the room to take it, so there was a window screen between me and the camera... It was raining quite hard today, particularly for here. My hair was actually very curly this morning, but I got caught in the rain on my way back from lunch and the curls sort of melted. So tragic. But in order to stay dry I imposed a number of measures upon myself- the warm mittens, the ever-so-practical rainboots, and of course my handy raincoat which has saved my life multiple times despite the fact that I've only owned it since July. (I actually first bought it for my trip to Washington, and it didn't even rain while we were there!) Overall, though, I stayed relatively dry and warm during my treks across campus and looked quite chic in the process. Hehe.

outfit details: jacket- ISIS, boots- UO, mittens- AE, knit cap- a shop in Portland


  1. I love these boots. THey are so cute and just perfect for a rainy day!


  2. Yes, they're lovely. I love them :]


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