Sunday, August 8, 2010

I've Fallen By the Wayside Now

I've spent the last day and a half getting caught up on all the blogs I follow. Which, unfortunately, can have a bit of a negative effect on me. I love looking at all the gorgeous clothes, but I end up in this sort of funk over the overall lameness of my own wardrobe. And the remedy for such a funk? A gorgeous photoshoot. I actually taught myself how to fishbone-braid today, which I've literally been wanting to do for about ten years now. Lazy, much? Anywho, my side-braid gave me the perfect opportunity to wear the fiery red rose clip I bought a month back while I was in SanFran, and which I have been dying to wear. The whole hairstyle had a very Spanish vibe to it, so I worked out stuff to go underneath my black lace [cardigan?]. i don't know really what to call it, but you get the idea. And hopefully SOON I will finish making my headbands and will be able to post pictures of those. I'm just having a real trouble finding cloth headbands anywhere, and it's driving me nuts! So wish me luck.

check out the braid!

details: UO black [cardigan?], ae blouse, UO skirt, UO socks, H&M rose hair clip
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