Friday, July 1, 2011

Snow White?

California is certainly not the place one would expect a summer storm. And yet, here we are at the end of June and a thunderstorm is upon us. Thankfully now the rain is done and the weather back to its normal blistering temperatures, but that small bout of rain did create a strange few days of winter weather. It is easy to see in the pictures how threatening the clouds are on the horizon; in fact, my shoot for this post was cut rather short by the arrival of rain (by the time we took that last picture haha). Anywho, this extremely unseasonable weather was nevertheless fortunate because it allowed a tights-lover such as myself to indulge in an outfit like this in the middle of summer, when tights are usually banished to the back of closets and drawers.

Another rather amusing tidbit to mention: a friend noted when she saw these pictures posted on my facebook my extreme resemblance to Snow White, and I must say that I agree! It was completely unintentional of course, but it did seem appropriate considering that I already had an outfit that I considered to be something out of Beauty and the Beast. So now we have Snow White to add to the list. Perhaps sometime in the future I can add another fairytale to the list!

Outfit details:
Urban Outfitters blouse
Urban Outfitters skirt
Hue tights
Target shoes
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