Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Beauty & the Beast

When I was planning what to pack my suitcase for Spring Break, I checked weather.com and my heart broke a little. It was supposed to rain every single day of my break. I had planning to have grand adventures, perhaps take some walks, and definitely try to squeeze in a photoshoot or two. And it didn't look like that was going to happen. But yesterday when I went outside, not only was it not raining, but it was sunny! (Mostly... There were definitely times when a huge cloud would block the sun and everything would go all dark- you can see this effect in some of the pictures below.) I really love how these turned out, although I had to brave the meadow (which was full of spiders) to get some of the pictures. But it was worth it I think.

Also, notice my hair wreath! I have been in love with Gardens Of Whimsy on Etsy, and finally ordered my own wreath a few weeks ago. I had to leave it at school because it was too delicate to travel, but it has inspired me to make my own wreaths. I have already made three (they're very fun to make) and have considered making an Etsy shop of my own in the future. But we'll see...

Outfit details:
American Rag shirt
American Rag skirt (heheh those rhyme)
UO tights
Ribbon-laced shoes (I don't know what brand)
Cameo necklace via Ebay
Self-made floral hair wreath


  1. i love the scenery of where you took your pictures! did you use a tripod or have someone take them? so chic :)

  2. Well thank you! I live on a ranch, so this is actually right in my backyard. Yes, I used a tripod because I prefer taking my own photos. And thank you again for the lovely comment :]

  3. i saw you on chictopia, i love your outfits and photography! im going to follow you :)
    check out my blog www.lillies-and-lace.blogspot.com.

  4. The pics came out great I had issues with the weather also. I made sure I took some today because it rained the day I was supposed to go to the botanical gardens during my break. The wreath is adorable, I would like to see when you create your own.


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