Thursday, July 1, 2010

An Attempt at Dressing For Summer

So my best friend, Jenny, is in town for two weeks on a visit from Texas. And on top of that, my cousin and I had our co-graduation party last saturday, and so between those two monumental events, my life has been exceedingly busy. But just for larks, the three of us headed over to SanFran for the day on monday and got some fabulous shopping done. I got THE cutest boots at Urban Outfitters, but they won't be here for another week because I had to have them mailed home (they were far too heavy to tote around the city with me). However, the shoes that I ordered from Topshop two weeks ago got here in the mail the night I got home from SanFran, and I was ecstatic to discover that both pairs fit. You have no idea how difficult it is for a person with size 5 feet to find shoes that both fit and are adorable. Mostly, shoe-shopping trips end in depression or crying jags, and sometimes both. But when i discovered some very cute and affordable shoes on Topshop, I thought: perhaps my luck has changed, finally. So there's the pair of grey sneakers that are in the pictures below, and a pair of flats that resemble ballet slippers. I love them, because ever since I stopped doing ballet back in December, I've been having dance withdrawals and I think the shoes will help with that. Plus, they're very whimsical and I do just adore things that make me feel five years old again.

Also, just to mention, it's about 95 degrees every day and I am slowly turning into a raisin. I need rain and fog and mist to survive, and this heat just is just destructive. But I am trying to work past it and get over my deep revulsion for summertime clothes. So here is my attempt at a cute summer outfit, if ever I was to find myself inclined to don one in public. Oh, and the redhead in the bottom picture is my beloved Jenn, if anyone wanted to know.

outfit details: tank- h.i.p., jacket- silence&noise, shorts- abercrombie&fitch, shoes- topshop

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