Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Let's All Be Closet Bloggers At Least Once

Yay... I've now officially joined the ranks of closet-bloggers. It was not a pre-meditated thing on my part, but rather a product of having no one to take pictures for me... See, at home, I take all my own pictures, but here, almost anywhere you go there are people. And it gets exceedingly awkward when not only are you toting around a tripod and a camera- an oddity as it is- but then you are using them to take pictures of yourself? Since I am a freshman and still a little shy around the people here, I really don't want to get a reputation as the crazy girl who's always taking pictures of herself (as I'm already known by the girls in my building...) But today when I was finished with class, there was no one in my suite as all my friends were still in class, and I'm still not feeling brave to go out to take pictures alone. So I hid in my room and chose to take pictures in my closet instead. And while I'm hanging about in my closet like a loon, why not show y'all a little map of where I stash my stuff? (You'll notice the tragically small area that is my closet... And yes, that all the space I have in the entire room for my clothes. I have most of my shoes under my roommate's bed- there's only room for four pairs in the closet.)

Now on to the outfit: It's warm today!! Not that I don't love the chilly weather and foggy skies, but warmth and sun means dresses! This green one is my favorite summer dress, not only because of the color but also the versatility. For a dressed down look I'll pair it with a pair of leather sandals and some sunglasses, or dress it up with nylons and a pair of booties. Today I chose to do the latter, if only because I haven't bothered to shave for a few days (it was raining, okay?!) and didn't particularly want to bare my bare legs to the world. I'm also a little in love with the necklace. I had seen one almost identical to it in a Free People catalog (that was two hundred dollars. *cough cough* NOT!) So I was kind of bummed that I couldn't get it- until I was in Target one day and spotted this little beauty. Not only did it resemble the one from FP quite strongly, but it was also on sale!! So I got it for only $20! Score for Erica!


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