Thursday, October 28, 2010

She Has a Creepy Little Cat and a Creepy Little Bat

HALLOWEEN IS THREE DAYS AWAY. I always get really into the October mood, so this is just one of my creepy Halloween outfits for the week. (I've got one for tomorrow too.) I'm even listening to my Halloween mix- the only time of the year that Marilyn Manson comes anywhere near my iTunes. Walking on Air by Kerli is my ultimate creepy song. Just go and listen to it. It's Halloween in song form. Literally.

So I got all these fun things in the mail yesterday from Urban. The shirt is from their Halloween shop, and it's not really usually my style (ill-fitting and loose) but I think you can get away with things like that when there's something great on the shirt- i.e. the ribcage. So CREEPY. I'm in love. Also, my vampire teeth ring, which is a little big... But that always happens when your biggest finger is barely a size five.. But since it's a two-finger ring it stays pretty well so I just deal with it. The jeans and sandals weren't my first choice for bottoms but today was unexpectedly warm, so the heels I had on in the morning just had to go, replaced by sandals. However, the warmth may have been a blessing in disguise because I was able to not wear a jacket all day, so my lovely ribcage never had to get covered up.


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