Saturday, October 16, 2010

We'll Move Like Gypsies Beneath the Stars

It has been overcast every day for almost a week now and I'm enchanted. One of the biggest reasons I was hesitant about coming here was that I feared that it would never rain, never be overcast, and I would have to endure one sunny day after another. Because unlike normal human beings, I find sunlight harsh and straining to the eyes, and the heat always make me lethargic. So in the summer, I tend to stay inside or in the shade as much as possible. But the winter is perfect for me. I don't mind being cold- I love wearing lots of jackets and scarves and mittens. But the strange thing is that even when it is chilly and overcast here, it never really gets very cold. So even on cooler days I'm fine in just pants and shirt. And I particularly love these pants because of the little zippers on the side.

outfit details: shirt- bunny's, pants- UO, shoes- shoe shop in santa cruz


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