Saturday, October 9, 2010

Deep in the Darkness Where I Hide

Still bogged down with that cold that has clinging on for weeks. I wish that I felt interesting and outgoing and adventurous, but all I want to do is lay in my room and read Jane Austen. (I'm currently re-reading Sense & Sensibility, then will move on to Northanger Abbey). I bought a few small pumpkins to put on my desk (perhaps I shall take some pictures for later...) And when it's October, I always get the urge to go on a Tim Burton movie watching binge. For instance, I am currently working on an ink drawing of Corpse Bride. I love it.

The weather here is so bizarre. Yesterday it was cloudy and cold all day- today it's warm and breezy. I can't seem to orient myself in this kind of weather, and figuring out what to wear is just insane. So today, I wasn't sure if it was warm or not: the sun was blistering, but it was frigid in the shade. So I compromised with just jeans and t-shirt, so I could throw on a sweater if needed. But since I secretly have a deep aversion to tees, I dressed it up with my lovely leaves necklace. It even makes this sweet, tinkling noise as you walk because the leaves jingle together. Altogether, it is on of my favorite necklaces.

Outfits details: shirt- UO, jeans- UO, shoes- top shop, necklace- F21


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