Saturday, October 16, 2010

Rodarte Fall/Winter 2010

I have been in love with Rodarte for a while now. It all began when I saw their cobweb tights and has blossomed into a fully-fledged affair. If there was any designer I would pick to fill my entire wardrobe, it would be Rodarte. The textures and colors of theirs designs are contradictively gothic and feminine. This autumn's collection is a perfect representation of a combination of watercolor-esque florals and embroidery. The beautiful, sheer leggings with beading and ankle-wrapping ribbons of the shoes are indescribably perfect to me. It is the ultimate representation of that which is soft and feminine. I'm reminded of spring flowers and whispering winds, and am filled with a longing to read Emily Dickinson.

P.S. Sorry for the millions of pictures- it was just so impossible to narrow it down!! I loved all the pieces and hated to cut anything out.


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