Friday, October 15, 2010

The Sea Meets the Light In His Salt Water Eyes

A handful of dream dust for my pirate
He can hear the Pacific singing
The sea meets the light in his salt water eyes
Icy pictures of the water are captured in his frame
The paddles of night are unfolding
A mermaid's map floats by on the rolling green
Japanese fishing float carries my soul out to the whales
And out to the deep
I wonder 'bout the herds of the sea
If they will hurt or if they will help me
Swimming with my fallen blossoms
-Laura Veirs

I have recently begun to listen to Laura Veirs and I've quickly fallen deeply in love. Her music is so soft and calming, and her incredibly poetic lyrics make her an instant favorite. She's the perfect background for the drawings of one of my favorite artists on deviantart. His work was incredibly inspiring to me while I was working on my AP Art Portfolio this last year- I love the way he can create fabric that looks like it's rippling in the wind. And his use of color is just stunning.


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