Tuesday, October 12, 2010

My Shadow Was a Forcefield

Hopefully I shall have some outfit shots tomorrow- I've just been so busy for the past few days, literally dashing from class to food to my dorm and back again. It's maddening and leaves literally no time for leisurely picture-taking. But perhaps I will be brave and bring my tripod to PoliSci with me tomorrow morning. We'll see....

Anywho. My roommate and I went on a little adventure today in which we spent a while searching for the thrift shop here on campus. I'd read all these glowing reviews and was pretty excited to find it, but unfortunately it was a bit disappointing. So I'm hoping to take a trip into downtown sometime soon, as I am desperate to find some good thrift shops in the area. My cousin and I found some really adorable shops while we were in Oregon. (Did I mention I'm obsessed with Oregon? And that I daily plot ways to move there as soon as I am able?) And also, Oregon has lots of trees, whereas there is a distinct lack of good trees here. Eucalyptus do not count as real trees in my eyes.

So my post for today is some fun pictures that one of my friends left to a link to on my facebook wall. Someone has taken designers' clothes and found pictures of nature that seem to have inspired the texture or design of the piece. Fun little tidbits such as this just make my day.

The original is here


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