Tuesday, January 11, 2011

I'll Be Gone Before the Nightfall

Mmm lots of lovely new things today! Let's start with the lipstick. I had been searching for the perfect red shade ever since fall began creeping in last year, but my skin tone is such that most colors were too pink or too orange. So I waited, secretly checking out the lipstick section anytime I ventured into the makeup section of a store. And then, I found it. Revlon's Crimson lipstick. It's quite a departure from my usual routine of mostly neutral makeup, especially when it comes to lips. I'm so pale I tend to shy away from things like bright lipstick would increase my already uncanny resemblance to a vampire. Also new are the lovely thigh-high socks I bought myself for Christmas. I love how long they make my legs look, and they're very warm and soft. I'm completely won over.

One of things I realized while writing this post was how... dissatisfied I am with my photos. I think a number of things have contributed to this. I cannot take my own pictures (as mentioned before) because people on campus would almost certainly think I was crazy. So that means I have to coerce friends/roommates/etc. to take pictures for me, and they usually don't want to. And really, who can blame them? So I don't get to take the millions of pictures I would like to take in order to have a much greater variety to choose from. Also, I have basically one courtyard area that I like on campus, and that's it. The pictures today were of one side, and I've posted many a post of the same area: a, b, c, d, e. It has definitely become my official campus haunt, but I sincerely wish there were more, well, attractive places on campus. It is my daily lament. There is so little greenery or even nice architecture (unless you like overtly modern buildings, which I do not.)

I also realized that I look so darn morose in these pictures! Jeez! And I wasn't even having a bad day or anything as an excuse. Resolution: LOOK AT THE CAMERA, DARN IT!

Urban Outfitters tunic
Target skirt
Sheer nylons
Charter Club thigh-high socks
Modcloth's Made the Cutout heel


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