Friday, January 7, 2011

Some Days I Just Want to Wear a Scarf

Today was, in a word, busy. That's what will describe my every Tuesday and Thursday from now until the end of the quarter. I have classes almost straight from 9:30 to 5:00. Thankfully though, one of my friends has a class with me and I have cajoled her (I hope) into helping me take pictures a couple of times a week. Hopefully it works out and I'll have more pictures to post because I hate only getting to do an outfit post once or twice every couple of weeks.

However, since I do have some constraints as to the number of outfit posts I can do (given that I no longer have my tripod, having left it at home due to spacial issues in the dorm room, and that I have a limited number of friends who are willing to assist me in my endeavor), I'm really going to make an effort to do more posts on artwork, possibly even books and movies that I have enjoyed or found inspiring.

Now a few notes (or more) on my outfit. First on the list is of course, my scarf. It actually has a bit of a funny story behind it. When my cousin Jessica and I were Christmas shopping a few weeks ago, we found her sister Michaela the most wonderful scarf at Urban Outfitters, which of course I fell in love with. Unfortunately, Jessica informed me in no uncertain terms that I was not allowed to buy the scarf because then Michaela's would no longer be unique. I acquiesced, but remained a bit sad that I had not been able to get that scarf. Thankfully, the universe was being kind because later that week I accompanied my mom to the nearby mall for some last minute Christmas shopping and happened to wander in the scarf section at Macy's (completely by accident, I assure you....), when I spotted this beauty of a scarf that bore a striking resemblance to the one I had been forced to pass up and was $10 less! A bargain, to say the least. So now it my winter love affair and I've been wearing it with everything.

Part two: the booties. Love them. I actually got them quite a while ago, in November I believe. However, since I loved them so much I wanted to wait until I had a perfect outfit with which to debut them, and I believe that this one served the purpose quite to my liking. They're so darn cute and comfy, I walked all around campus and my feet were still happy little campers at the end of the day.

Part three: (And then I will conclude was has become an obscenely long post.) The ring, of course! I believe my favorite form of jewelry, and, let's face it, pretty much anything else, is anything in the form of an animal. I have an incredibly difficult time finding rings that fit because I have very small hands, and so really can only wear rings that either come in very small sizes or are adjustable. This one was ADORABLE! and only $4 AND adjustable. I practically died of joy when I spotted it. It is certainly something which I will be wearing quite a bit in the foreseeable future.

American Eagle Jacket
Macy's scarf
Chelsea Crew lace-up booties via Lulu's
Brass birdie ring from Santa Cruz

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