Thursday, September 30, 2010

Hiding Behind Ferns

So I've been at school for about two weeks now. The weather here is just so... variable. The first week I was here, it was overcast and cold all day. Then suddenly the sun was out everyday and I got in the bad habit of hiding in my room for fear of an angry sunburn. It hit about 100 degrees two days ago, which was not my idea of good weather. And yet the first thing I heard this morning when I woke up was thunder. It's been raining on-and-off all day. Now, I love the rain more than the average girl, but I was extremely unprepared for it. It's only supposed to rain here once or twice a year- a statistic that broke my heart when I heard it- and yet, here we are, not even into October, and we have a rainstorm. But of course the air smelled lovely and I abandoned my umbrella for most of days (save the hardest rain) in order to absorb as much of that lovely moisture into my skin as possible. These are the days when I wish for Washington.

Despite the rain, it remained a balmy 75 the whole day, and so I was able to traipse along to my classes in just some jeans and a light sweater. In my previous post I mentioned the other lace-covered sweater from UO, and here it is, as promised. It's so soft and warm- the perfect thing to wear when I'm suffering from rather severe homesickness. So before one my classes I grabbed my roommate, threw my camera in my bag, and headed off for one of the spots on campus I'd chosen earlier for picture opportunities. Yes, I am compiling a list of eligible places around campus for taking pictures to post here. Particularly since I rarely have time to get off-campus, let alone tote my camera along with me in hopes of getting a shoot in. So, for the moment, I am confined to campus. The ferns were a welcome surprise, though. I'd seen these gorgeous ivy-covered walls the week before and marked them down, but there were lots of bikes there today and I didn't like the feel with them in the pictures. So, I chose the ferns instead. They're so green and vibrant and Washington-y this place may become my new hang-out place on campus.

Last: the ring. It's one of my favorites- a moonstone poison ring. I plan on featuring it later, but with the abundance of lovely red leaves around I couldn't miss the opportunity to feature it.

outfit details: sweater- UO, pants- UO, shoes- topshop, ring-
silver insanity


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