Wednesday, September 8, 2010

The Clock Forgets To Tick

I've developed a rather unhealthy obsession with lace as of late. For instance- I went shopping yesterday, and every item I picked up to try on was or had lace. I tend to go through spells like this often- I'll get obsessed with a color, a texture, or a particular style. My current obsessions are purple, lace, and skirts with high heeled boots.

So the last couple of times I've gone to UO, they've had these sweaters/sweatshirts that look like something you might have stolen from your boyfriend- except for the lace. The sweater I'm wearing in the pictures below is the second sweater I bought. I'll feature the other later, but suffice it to say that it satisfies two of my obsessions: it has purple lace. I just love the juxtaposition of such a boyish, almost shapeless shirt with something so distinctly feminine. And that's why I went with the bun. I wanted a whimsical, childish hairstyle to complement the playful, girly mood of the sweater. Usually I just leave my hair down, because I'm always afraid of getting too creative with my hair and feeling awkward. But I've decided to reject awkwardness. I'm going to do my hair and dress however I'd like to at the moment, because I have such limited time to enjoy these things. It's actually liberating to be wearing my hair completely up- I love the breeze on my neck and the little wisps that fall out and hang over my ears.

P.S. Move-in day for my dorms is next Wednesday, so posts might be erratic as I'm getting settled into dorm life. God, the size of the wardrobe is terrifying. I hope my roommates won't mind that I'll be using 95% of it.

P.P.S. My eighteenth birthday was last week! Cheers for finally being able to vote.

Details: sweater- UO


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