Sunday, November 7, 2010

Slipping Through My Fingers and Into Another's

When I get bored on Sundays, I enjoy torturing myself by browsing the Free People website and drooling at clothing which I will never own. (Ah, the joys of being an utterly middle-class and perpetually broke college student...) But, I find Free People's winter collection to be one of the warmest, fuzziest, and altogether most lovable collection I've seen in years. If I could afford them, this is what I would buy:

I actually tried this sweater on when I was in a Free People boutique- it's even more lovely in person. Incredibly soft and beautiful colors. It reminds of the seventies very strongly, like something I would wear while curled up in a window seat somewhere, sipping a cup of hot tea.

I've always loved peacocks, and dark tights.

I love the dusky, muted color it (lilac is one my favorite wardrobe staples). Also, in the catalog they had placed other dresses over the top, and let the uneven hem show underneath- something I'd love to try.

It's a velvet military jacket?! I love anything that looks like it comes from the 18th century, and I'm on a velvet kick this winter. I'm absolutely enthralled. And I love the cut.

Did I mention velvet? And satin ribbons? In CRANBERRY??!! These might possibly the most darling Christmas shoes I have ever laid eyes on.

Loving the texture. Anything dark with a pattern like this stands out wonderfully against my exceptionally pale skin and looks exquisite. I also love swishy skirts.

So Free People has come up with these things called "bralettes" which are long bras that you wear outside your clothing. I already own a corset, and I do just love wearing underwear as outerwear.

Doesn't everyone need a little pair of fingerless mittens? Especially ones that remind me oatmeal with cranberries.

I swear I never aged past the age of five. I just adore rainbow color schemes (which other people tend to.... not like so much.) So not only does this scarf look like it was woven by some lovely little woodland fairy, but it also looks like a little kitten of softness.

And more rainbow.... But a little brighter. I like to warm up cooler winter tones with a bright scarf.

I think every girl needs a good pair of clogs in her wardrobe.

This one's a two-fer: I'm loving both the shoes and the legwarmers. I have some similar, but they're light creme and these have that lovely oatmeal tint of which I am so fond this season. As for the shoes, I just bought a pair from Spotted Moth that are a very similar color and they go with EVERYTHING. Plus, I'm a sucker for anything with a wedge and laces.

So here we have a combination of ice blue and creme, which is quite possibly my favorite winter combination of all time. It's like wearing a snowflake.

They look like carpetbags! And as anyone who loves Mary Poppins knows, carpetbags are rather magical.

I suppose with these, it must be the combination of the lovely warm pumpkin-y color and suede.

And last: these whimsical little legwarmers. More oatmeal, yes, and more rainbows. So predictable, I'm afraid.

All from Free People


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