Monday, November 8, 2010

Cut All the Ropes and Let Me Fall

Eghhhh. Nasty day. I'm sorry that I haven't posted any outfits as of late; last week was midterms, this week I'm just plain exhausted. And I'n starting to get fed up with my hellish little room and the disgusting food here, which combined have put me in a rather foul mood. So I'm keeping this short, though perhaps not sweet. I know this outfit isn't one of my most creative or anything, but it took me about three minutes to come up with and throw on, so I guess it's got that going for it.

outfit details: jacket- AE, dress- Bunny's, tights- UA, shoes- Modcloth


  1. Hi Erica!

    So glad to have stumbled onto your site! You are too cute! Just wanted to stop in and say thank you from ModCloth, for featuring us on your site. Those shoes are great!

    Your friend,
    Elisa at ModCloth

  2. are you kidding, erica!
    best outfit so far! and i love your hair!

  3. I love your shoes! Too Pretty! And the colours in your skirt are stunning. :)


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