Monday, December 13, 2010

Walking Tall

I do just love being home, except for one small exception: the internet is abominable. It has taken me three days to get this posted because of how long it took to upload these tiny pictures to photobucket. And forget putting them on Facebook! Ah well. Perhaps I will go and visit my cousins later in the week, and take some pictures by the ocean and enjoy their faster internet. I have quite a few fun posts planned, so as long as my internet is cooperating I will try to post them in a timely manner.

Now on to the clothes: I've worn almost this exact outfit before (I just put a jacket on this time), but I really couldn't help it because I really loved the boots with the maroon tights, and the other dresses I could have worn it with are in my dorm room. (Curse living 600 miles from home...) I had a tall pair of boots before from Target, but lately they have been looking a bit worse for wear and been less comfortable when I wear them because they are simply so old. So I've been searching for replacement boots since September, and about a week ago I stumbled across these beauties on ShopRuche. They were quite reasonably priced and came in my size (a rarity) so I snatched them up immediately. They're really wonderful shoes- nice and tall so your legs stay very warm, not a big heel, and a zipper up the side so they're easy to get on and off. Now, I usually dress quite femininely, but I do enjoy the occasional rugged detail. But I don't enjoy clothes that are too boy-ish on me- I'm too short and thin to not just look like a twelve year old with long hair- so I paired the big, clunky boots with a soft, floral print dress.

American Eagle military jacket
Target dress
Urban Outfitters tights


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