Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Freshly Furrowed Fields

It really is wonderful to have been back home, if only for a few days. Thankfully I'll be going back in about a week, although I really don't know how I'll bring myself to return to the awful dining hall food at school after I've spoiled with delicious home-cooking. So here are some pretty, pretty pictures from the ranch. Be expecting lovely pictures almost every day when I return there for Christmas break, because I just adore taking pictures there. There really isn't a part that isn't beautiful, particularly in the winter when it has been raining and the whole ranch is green.

One of my cats, Principessa.

My goat, Star.

outfit details: sweater- Aerie, dress- Macy's, grey sheer nylons, white socks, shoes- Spotted Moth wedges


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