Monday, August 29, 2011

Getting Way Ahead of Myself, As Per Usual

I just can't help it! All my favorite stores are finally starting to carry fall-ish clothes! Because my favorite season is fall (couldn't you guess?) this is pretty much the routine I go through every year: start looking for fall clothes as soon as we're out of spring, wait all summer, and finally they're here. And my goodness are things looking delightful this year. I'm really loving all the colors- especially the mustard. Can you tell?

All from Modcloth!


  1. Oh man, I know! I have been dreaming about fall ever since it's ended. Everything about it is perfect; the smell, the feeling, the CLOTHES you get to wear :D! I love the items you picked, especially the shoes! So gorgeous! Check out my fashion blog if you have time. Can't wait for more posts!



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