Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Who Knew It Could Be Spring and Fall At the Same Time?

Outfit Details:
Monteau dress
Hue teal tights
Black heels

And so we have January in sunny ol' Southern California. I mean, really, how is a girl supposed to dress appropriately for the weather when it literally is 75 degrees on Friday, windy and cold on Saturday, and rains on Sunday? In fact, over the three day weekend the weather was so lovely (it hovered between 80 and 85 degrees) that we headed off to the beach every day from Friday to Monday. (Speaking of which, I should post some pictures. It was quite a good time.) Now, I appreciate that this is unseasonably good weather for this time of year, but is it really too much to ask to have at least some semblance of the four seasons? I enjoy bundling up a bit for the colder months, and nothing makes me feel more alive than a lovely overcast day, so the fact that this place seems to have completely skipped winter in favor of spring is a little disorienting. Amusingly, on campus there are simultaneously trees that have yet to lose all their leaves, while others are already beginning to blossom. In what universe do fall and spring occur at the same time? These poor trees are so dreadfully confused by this bizarre weather.


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